When I arrived at the airport on Friday night to pick up the Harveys, I was glad that I wasn’t flying out. The queue to move through the security checks was about twenty minutes long. I was only carrying Calista and my handbag, so I was certain that I would breeze through. However, the x-ray machine attendant detected an itty-bitty pocket knife in my handbag — one I placed in there for just-in-case moments and promptly forgot about — and I had to surrender it in order to proceed. Small price to pay for picking up the Harveys!

Waiting at the correct gate, I placed Calista on the floor where a young girl entertained her as I stood, watching the people disembarking from the plane. I was just getting out my mobile to phone Craig, concerned that I had somehow missed out on their arrival when I saw them coming through the tunnel. Ever solicitous, Craig and Renée were almost the last passengers to get off the plane.

We collected their bags without incident; their luggage included a plastic striped bag we like to call the style “Nigeria bags” because they’re prolific in West Africa — full of gifts, mostly clothes for Calista and tupperware for me! Thanks so much, Renée!

On Saturday, we had a lazy day, not doing much. Craig and Renée picked up their hire car and we met at a local shopping centre for lunch. It was a good chance to get to know Tirzah — she’s a very contented little girl and travels so well, fitting in nicely with everyone else’s plans.

Renée with Tirzah, 10 months, October 2008
Tirzah is happy to sit and play with toys that are within her reach. She didn't like the chooks — one pecked at her earring!

On Sunday we followed our usual routine of going to church in the morning. Ever the consummate networker, Craig walked through the door and immediately greeted someone who would be attending his conference this week.

It was great to share our church with family members, although I was out of the service for the sermon with a noisy Calista. Now that she’s crawling, she’s harder to contain, so I end up the back in the play-space.

Tirzah, 10 months, Renée, Lauren + Calista, 6 months, October 2008
Sisters and cousins. Do we look alike? We managed to find matching outfits for the cousins, however I was given the larger size and Renée had the smaller size — so we've swapped.

Tirzah, 10 months, + Calista, 6 months old
There's just under four months' difference in their ages, so we hope Calista and Tirzah will be good friends when they grow up (like Aisha and Keegan).

Fishers, October 2008
We were overdue for a family photo and posed after the church service on Sunday.

Fishers, October 2008
However, while we were posing, we leaned against the blue partitions behind us... they moved on their wheels and we ended up sitting suddenly on the floor.