Think of your most favourite person in the world. Who would it be? Now imagine that they’re coming to visit you. How would you feel? The word excited is an understatement.

The Harveys are coming this evening! I am so hyper-excited and trying to power myself up to whip the house into shape before dinnertime tonight.

Renée and Craig are travelling with Tirzah (10 months), leaving Jemilla (6) and Keegan (4) at home in Perth with my mother (Stephanie aka Manou). Craig has a conference on the Gold Coast, so Renée thought it would a fine opportunity to come for a visit too. Renée’s friend Amanda is coming up from Sydney on Tuesday to stay here too and visit. (It’s a lot cheaper to fly up and down the east coast of Australia than across the continent to Perth. Think of Perth as the Anchorage of Australia, and I’m in NY.)

So I must hop OFF the computer and bring out the vacuum cleaner (I’m not sure EXACTLY where it is or when I last saw it), tidy up the many small shoes that fall off the girls’ feet throughout the day so our home is presentable for our honoured guests.

Go, Lauren — go!