Agricultural shows are very big in this part of the state, and I’ve often seen our local show advertised, but we’ve never been inclined to go. However, seeing the fireworks and hearing from friends how much fun Beenleigh Show can be — especially for young children — we decided to find out for ourselves.

We spent a bit of money on a couple of rides, but upon reflection, they weren’t as much fun as the free animal exhibits.

Aisha, 3yo, Brioni, 2yo, + David, September 2008
Aisha called the miniature horses "babies" and the larger ones "mummies".

Aisha, 3yo, + David, September 2008
David used the experience to explain where wool comes from (but I'm not sure Aisha knows what wool is either).

Aisha, 3yo, September 2008
The girls liked seeing the crowing roosters up close.

Brioni, 2yo, September 2008
Several of the prize chooks laid eggs in their cages.

David really liked seeing the goats — it reminded him of his childhood when his mum kept goats for their milk and wool. We met a friendly man who showed the girls how to milk a goat. I think Aisha was surprised by the demonstration of where milk comes from.

Brioni, 2yo, David, + Aisha, 3yo, September 2008
Aisha's favourite part of the show was riding on a motorbike. We had a very difficult time convincing her to get on it in the first place (there was weeping + gnashing of teeth), but she was equally reluctant to get off at the end of the ride.

Calista, 5 months old, September 2008
Calista is happy to fit in with whatever we do. What a delight!