Tonight we had a fantastic time at some friends’ house. The H family have one son who’s a year older than Aisha and a daughter Calista’s age. It was interesting to compare the way W played with how our girls interact. Of course, W’s room was full of many boy-toys, including an incredible car collection.

Playing with cars, September 2008
Aisha and W carefully lined the cars up (on the road) and then proceeded to fill the centre of their circle with more cars.

W and Aisha, 3yo, September 2008
Aisha's carefully placing another car in just the right spot.

Fireworks over Beenleigh, September 2008
We watched a fireworks show from the H's verandah. (It was something they arranged especially to impress us.)

Brioni, 2yo, + David, September 2008
Brioni didn't like the fireworks.

L and I have been trying to get our husbands to meet properly because they work similarly — for themselves, doing a bit of this and a bit of that, and also managing house renovations. L and I have crossed paths socially and in connection to my work, and we live so close by, that it would be fantastic for us “as a couple” to become friends with them “as a couple”.

I’ve come away from this evening feeling optimistic: the men appeared to like each other. So this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…