I found a set of curriculum standards online that I modified into a checklist to see how Aisha is going with her pre-school skills.

I found this to be a valuable exercise because it has highlighted some areas that I need to work with her in, namely: doing up buttons, cutting with scissors, marching (? — must a vital skill for American pre-schoolers) and knowing enough to cross residential streets safely.

Eager to redress Aisha’s shortcomings, I pulled out the scissors (which I’m still regretting as I pick up the scraps of paper DAYS later), and then the paints caught my eye.

Brioni, 2yo, + Aisha, 3yo, September 2008
Painting pictures early in the morning. Aisha liked using the brush to draw the number four.

Cali-Mae, 5 months olds, September 2008
Cali watching the girls while sitting on my lap.

And then Aisha came up with this! (What was I worried about?)

Aisha's writing, September 2008
"Mum" was the first word Aisha spelled out herself, listening to the sounds to work out the letters. She then drew a picture of me and Calista.