David has nurtured his dream of the ‘Freedom Truck’ for at least as long as I’ve been around. Until its ultimate culmination in our new Hino Dutro truck, we experimented with fitting out the white van with a bed and towing a huge camping trailer behind the red van.

The Freedom Truck means David can work from a vehicle and camp out in it unnoticed by the authorities who would otherwise forbid sleeping in vehicles.

This truck means David can keep all his samples on board while keeping all his tools on board so that he doesn’t have to load his gear on and off.

We bought a truck that is long enough to take a roll of carpet while still having enough space for a dedicated living compartment.

David has just headed off to visit a friend… ostensibly to talk business, but I noticed he was driving the FT!

Spot the new truck, January 07
Here comes the handsome man, er, that's right, this is about a vehicle, right? It's ironic that we bought the truck from Nerang (pictured) where we used to live before moving up here.

David, Aïcha, and the Freedom Truck, January 07
Aïcha wasted no time in climbing into the cab and sliding under the seat belt. I also saw her experimenting with the indicators and the horn (but just once).

The Freedom Truck finally at home, January 07
The Freedom Truck fits perfectly into the shed, as if the two were designed for each other!