Brioni, 2yo, August 2008
Brioni loves to dress up for laughs.

At two years old, Brioni is eloquent and starting to make jokes. She enters fully into Aisha’s games, sometimes just going along with Aisha’s ideas, but more and more she’s offering her own suggestions to enhance the pretending.

Brioni has just started enjoying dressing and undressing herself, and if she sees a swimsuit lying around, she wants help to climb into it. She is our little extrovert and loves to charm strangers with a smile.

Her favourite toys at the moment include little people, a tape measure, a purse containing beads and a little cloth with which to wrap presents for her cousins Keegan and Jemilla. She often puts all these into a toy pram with Babydoll and usually pushes them around the house to wherever she’s playing.

Brioni is just starting to recognise numbers. She counts without knowing what she’s doing. She can recognise some common letters and prefers the colours orange and red.

Happy birthday, Brioni, you’re such a blessing to our family, and we all love you.

Brioni, 2yo, August 2008
I wrapped up a container containing some cupcakes as a "present". Brioni unwrapped it, passed out the cupcakes, and then we placed two candles on her cupcake for her to blow out. It took her several blows to get both candles extinguished. Aisha sang an original little birthday ditty in Brioni's honour.