I had a surprise in the mail yesterday — a cheque from a firm that bought my hair. In September 2002, I cut my hair drastically after breaking three brushes in a few weeks.

I stored the bulky ponytail in the back of my cupboard for years until a couple of months ago. When I found it again, I sent it off to see what it was worth.

Hair cut off in 2002
I sent this hair to wig-makers in Sydney and it fetched me $40 — hardly worth it!

Lauren, September 2002
David took some pictures of me with long hair just before I had it cut... he was sad to see it go.

Lauren, September 2002
I went really short. I loved it!

I’m back to my original length again, which is David’s preference, not mine. I liked it so short I didn’t have to brush it! (I broke one brush in the last month, so we’ll soon see if my patience with long hair only has a three-brush limit.)