Calista Mae, 4 months old, August 2008
At almost five months old, Calista has started sitting up unsupported for longer periods of time. She has also started waking up happy in her cot, content to play quietly, singing to herself until I come in and pick her up.

During breakfast in the mornings, I’ve been reading to the girls from an ancient Bible storybook with 365 readings. Aisha can follow along nicely without pictures, but it will take a while for Brioni to grow into it. I started reading the Bible in the morning because I remember another homeschooling mum being convicted that she was only offering the Bible as a subject tacked on to the rest of the schoolwork. Prior to this habit, we only read from the Bible at bedtime; on cranky or late nights, this routine was dropped.

We’ve been reading about Abraham, who believed in one God although those around him had many gods. Aisha asked me yesterday, “Is God one or lots of gods?” Wow, I thought, should I attempt to explain the trinity to a three-year-old? Nope, I chickened out. “One,” I replied.

“Is God one like Brioni is one?” Aisha wanted clarification. (The girls’ ages are a constant conversation topic in our household. Brioni knows she’s one, but she doesn’t know one what!)

At the end of last month, I had such a good time at the homeschooling seminar, that by the time the next weekend came around, I felt parched for more godly fellowship and browsed for churches online (as modern Christians do). When I chose one, it took a bit of persuading to get David to come along (who agreed at the last minute).

So we’ve started attending a non-denominational fellowship that’s not too far away. It’s fantastic to be in fellowship with other believers again!

We’ve found this smallish church to be led by a non-hierarchical group of godly men; it presents opportunities for in-depth Biblical study throughout the week; the worship music is contemporary; it works around the needs of its members, with a little children’s area set up the back to allow for private breastfeeding or quiet play during the service.

Aisha and Brioni attend Sunday School halfway through the service, and we’ve had a lot of fun learning the prescribed Bible verse: 1 Samuel 16:7 — God looks at the heart. (When we were talking about this verse, Aisha asked me if God was in her tummy, looking at her heart. I may have confused her more by saying that God was everywhere.)

David has started going to a Bible course looking at systematic theology on Thursday nights, and on Wednesday nights I attend a ladies’ Bible study looking at emotions from a Biblical perspective. It’s wonderful to be among like-minded believers who enthuse about evangelism and really love each other.

Praise God!