Our friends with four girls came down this morning so David could help Dominick with fitting carpet on the floor of his new van. Wendy was still in hospital, having given birth yesterday to a boy! It’s fantastic news, and we are really pleased for them. The Greshams haven’t named their new son yet, but the girls have nicknamed him “Oinkydoink” (as only kids can do!).

It was a pleasure and a privilege to look after the four girls. They are a fine example of godly discipline and a caring, homeschooling family. The older ones looked after the younger one, and they played very nicely with our two older girls.

I was also pleased that our girls got to see more sophisticated play modelled with their toys. I brought out the Playmobil dollhouse, and it didn’t take long for the older girls to set it up. We kept boredom at bay by alternating Playmobil play with reading books, playdough, lunch, outside play and more books.

Xanthe, Rebekah, + Sionnan, August 2008
The girls read books nicely together.

Aisha and Sinead, August 2008
And played with our girls.

Aisha, Sionnan, Rebekah, Xanthe, Sinead + Brioni, August 2008
The playdough gave the girls something else to focus on, and the elder ones showed a lot of creativity, designing stacks of pancakes, a checkerboard, and a sandcastle.

The girls spoke enthusiastically about nature journalling and other homeschooling activities. Out of the blue, Sionnan said to me: “Andy Warhol was born in the same year as Micky Mouse was made.” We talked about Andy Warhol’s art a bit (it had recently been exhibited here in Brisbane, and they had visited the gallery), and so we decided to have a little bit of fun with a picture of her.

Sionnan Gresham, August 2008
I'm starting to feel that my creativity is too bottled up, so this little outlet was nice.