I’ve put together a very loose curriculum from a number of online sources, and today was the first day of dedicated school-work for Aïcha.

With a bit of exhortation from a friend, I am putting the Bible time first. We read a bit from a really friendly kids’ Bible, then we pray and sing a memory verse. Of course, Aïcha doesn’t sing yet, but one day she will!

In our lessons this week, we are concentrating on learning the colour red, circles, the letter A and the number 1. We’re also talking and reading books about the beach, and I hope to be able to take Aïcha to the beach this week.

We both wore red shirts and AJ ate off a red plate. She pasted big and little As onto a piece of paper. When Aïcha looked at a page in the old magazine with me, she would scan it and then seriously say, ‘No, no As’, so we would turn to the next page to look for them. She can identify the big and little A in her name, thanks to a lovely wooden puzzle given to us which is cut out in the letters of her name.

Tomorrow we’ll go through the magazine and look for number 1s. Maybe I’ll cook red food for dinner too. Or jelly. What a good back-up — jelly comes in all colours, doesn’t it? (Perhaps I’ll save it for the purple week.)

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