Tonight, as I prepared to pray with Aïcha before tucking her in bed, I asked her, “Who should we pray for?”
She answered, in her sweet lisp: “Disdy” [Misty the dog].
So I wove a prayer around Misty’s obedience to commands and gentleness in play with Aïcha, also asking that Aïcha would learn to play nicely without torturing Misty [chasing her around with various toys]. As I closed the prayer, Aïcha piped up “More.”
So I asked again, “Who should we pray for this time?”
“Daddy,” she replied.
That was easy. So we prayed for David who had worked a hard day on the tools without getting paid (yet).
Again as I closed the prayer, Aïcha repeated her request for another prayer.
I asked her who we should pray for this time, and she replied “Bible”.
So I thanked God for the Bible and asked that Aïcha would grow in her understanding of it.
As I closed the prayer, Aïcha was satisfied, and dismissed me quite quickly, telling me to leave and shut the door on the way out, thank you very much.
This encounter makes me wonder how much she understands after all.