Early this morning David and I bundled the girls into the car and drove around looking at the colour schemes of houses. On our way back, I noticed the colourful equipment in a playground very close to our house and thought about finding an excuse to take the girls there.

It wasn’t hard to convince Kerrie to meet us at the playground for our regular Friday playdate. When I told Aisha that we would be going to a playground today, she asked if we could go to the one she had seen while she was in the car while we were looking “at colours”. “Oh, yes,” I enthusiastically replied, pleased to bestow upon my first child the outing she so desired.

The playground was very close to our house, and I really should have visited it before, but we’re just not playground people. Our outings are usually tied in with errands, with rarely an outing in the car just for an outing’s sake.

The equipment at the park had recently been upgraded, as it was all shiny and new. There was a great big play area near a parking lot, but there were three other playground areas in other areas of the park. We started off in the main, busy playground but then moved across the park to park ourselves under a shelter in between two smaller, deserted playgrounds.

Brioni, 23 months + Aisha, 3yo, August 2008
Slides enough for everyone.

Calista, 4 months old, August 2008

Aisha, 3yo, August 2008

Brioni, 23 months old, August 2008

Aisha, 3yo, August 2008

Misty with Brioni, Alex + Aisha, August 2008
The kids loved running through the tunnels.

Aisha and Brioni, August 2008
Much of the play equipment at the park is very new and exciting.

It started raining, scaring off the only other group with whom we were sharing the equipment, but our kids were having too much fun (and we don’t melt in the rain, either).

Misty the dog, + Aisha, 3yo, August 2008
When the rain started coming down in earnest, the other kids left the park, but we were having too much fun! (Doesn't Misty look HUGE?)

It was a great outing, wonderful to be sharing with a friend and her kids, but despite its appeal, I don’t think we’ll be back again on our own.

Alex, Brioni, Aisha, Damien, Augut 2008
The four kids play together very nicely (most of the time).