Tuesdays have become a downer for me. We attend a local church playgroup in the morning, but I just haven’t connected with anyone there, leaving me feeling a bit sad, lonely and craving some meaningful company. (Add to this that my best friend is usually unable to be contacted by phone on Tuesdays, leaving me stewing in my own self-pity.)

I don’t think my desire for witty, intelligent conversations is too unrealistic. Perhaps I am transferring my pangs for work to my private life. Most of my colleagues were (are) mothers, and we still managed to debate politics, fashion, religion and the media in between the ubiquitous comparisons of schools, discipline methods and the personal habits of under-fives. So why can’t I find a group where the discussions delve below the surface of motherhood?

I am interested in a variety of topics, so surely I should be able to find one other mother with whom I can click on one thing? Local and international politics, practical Christianity, self-sufficiency, world travel, fine design, home educating, modern media analysis, internet communities, combining motherhood and a career, fine writing and did I mention peak oil?

Am I looking in the wrong places? Do I need to find a book club that meets in a café or seek another socio-economic demographic?

I’m not sure where all the intelligent women hang out (please tell me they’re not all at work). But I’ll persist with this playgroup because the girls love the craft, singing and morning tea! It’s also very close, meaning that if Calista is sleeping, I can leave her in the cot and come back to wake her up at feeding time like I did today.

But I’m still left singing the Tuesday blues…