I’ve been cataloging more of my books on LibraryThing (I’m up to 772 titles) and came across a title I just had to bring to your attention.

The DFF Book Club

Do you remember this book? Either you knew it as a kid, or else you didn’t, because there’s no way you could have forgotten it!

A fish out of water

A boy gets a fish, ignores the pet shop owner’s careful instructions to feed it “so much and no more”, and Otto the fish grows and grows…

A fish out of water

There are so many fantastic elements in this story that combine to make it memorable and readable. It’s an easy read; soon your child will be able to read it. The illustrations are simple but funny. The moral of the story is obedience, and everything ends happily. Plus there’s the nostalgia of sharing a book you grew up with.

Remember it now? Don’t have it? You can find it here.