Brioni, 23 months old, August 2008
Sharing the forklift seat with Oli the cat.

David took Brioni down to the shed after rest-time today, leaving Aisha, Calista and me asleep in the house, which was a glorious long rest for me. I didn’t wake up until Calista needed a feed at four o’clock.

In the shed, Brioni likes to boss David around, asking for rolls of vinyl and carpet to be taken out and unrolled. Coincidentally, her commands precede David’s actions anyway, so she is left thinking that she is orchestrating all his movements!

At almost two years old, Brioni has started showing streaks of independence, wanting to do things beyond her capabilities (like dressing herself) or just to be like her sister. She has started to create her own imaginative games, coming to me one time to declare that she was going to the workshop with her pram (I’m not really sure what the “workshop” is).

Brioni can count to eight, knows her colours and can recognise several letters and numbers without understanding the significance of them. (I can ask her “how many eyes to I have?” and she’ll reply “three”.)