One of the exceptional things about our house is that it only has two neighbours on either side. We back onto a designated road that has never been sealed (and is cut in half by a creek so it can’t act as a through-road). On the other side of the laneway are several paddocks in which horses and one cow live. It’s great for the girls to have farm animals so close.

The lane is a safe place for us to take leisurely walks. David likes to take the girls into the horse paddock, but when he’s not around, I just stroll up and down the lane with the girls and the dog.

Lauren + Calista, 4 months old, August 2008
The safe laneway stretches in several hundred metres in either direction from our house.

Brioni, 23 months, Aisha, 3yo, Calista, 4 months, + Lauren, August 2008
The laneway is maintained by the local council and regularly mowed, giving us a nice space for playing on.

Aisha, 3yo, Calista, 4 months, + Brioni, 23 months, August 2008

Calista, 4 months old, August 2008
At four months old, Calista is really interested in what her sisters are doing and loves to watch them play.