Wrong. At least if you’re Miss Aïcha Bedisha!

I set up some pink goop for Aïcha to play with. She carefully scooped and moved the goop from one container to another until she realised that she had gotten her hands dirty in the process!

From there, it was all downhill as she wanted to clean up the mess with tissues, before asking that her hands be washed. In the end, I put Aïcha into an early bath. (Why do I feel disappointed that she doesn’t like getting dirty?)

Scooping the goop, January 07
Scooping the goop, January 07

As Brioni starts moving around a lot more, she is definitely getting dangerous. It’s hard to leave her sitting up, too, as her sister tends to take away the supporting/protecting cushions. So I keep a close eye on her, especially with Aïcha around!

Brioni, 4 months, January 07
Brioni is always ready with a smile. She loves to watch her sister playing around her.