It’s so fun to see the girls use their imagination to dream up crazy games. David was concerned one afternoon because Aisha served up berries and leaves on a little plate, and Brioni’s “eating” appeared to be so real.

Yesterday afternoon, they were out on the boat swing.

Brioni, 23 months, July 2008
Brioni was nicely tucked into the swing with her "boolah" over the top. Her baby doll was down the other end of the swing, similarly tucked in.

Aisha, 3yo, July 2008
Aisha stands at one end of the boat swing and pushes Brioni.

At the moment, Aisha is still directing many of their games, casting herself as a lady and Brioni as a man. One day they were holding hands, and Aisha announced that she was the mummy and Brioni was the daddy. I was chuffed — it was obvious that David and my romantic gestures to each other were being imitated by our children! So I asked, “Why are you holding hands?” “We’re on the road,” Aisha replied.

Aisha picks random sounds as names for her babies – “Booba” and “Nooni”, or similar. David and I laughed when she named an imaginary monster “Bahbi” — “Oh, yes,” we said, “Bahbi’s very bad. We don’t want Bahbi in the house!”.

Brioni, 23 months, E, Aisha, 3yo, + R, July 2008
At playgroup: Brioni is wearing the space-woman helmet that the mummies made for craft-time. After the craft activity and story-time at playgroup, we have a little time of singing. R, who leads the singing, is very talented at encouraging the children to participate fully. She's one of those enduringly cheerful people and has a special way with the children.