After years of thinking about it, we finally purchased a video camera. David was watching the girls at play when he turned to me and asked me to get one “right away”.

We have finally both realised that they won’t be little (and so cute) for long, and we’d like to remember how they are at this stage.

Instead of choosing a more conventional camcorder model, we ordered the Flip Mino from the States because it’s small and its video quality is still good. It takes TV-quality video (which is then truncated by YouTube so you can’t really tell from this embedded vid).

The tiny size has meant that I can carry it around with me and take video while people think I’m just looking at something on my mobile phone. I’ve been able to start recording some of the little aspects of my day that David hasn’t been a part of and later share it with him. Now we’re thinking about getting a second one so he can have one too!

Neither David nor I have any video of ourselves as children, and this is something we regret, so along with this blog and photo entries, I’ll now be able to start adding some video clips for your enjoyment.