Holland was extremely modern and very fast, neat and clean. When we were in Ghana we ran short on cash so God provided 100 Dutch guilders, by way of a loan from a girl called Henriette Jagersma. This turned out to be a double blessing because when we turned up one month late to repay her, both Henriette and her parents welcomed us and we stayed in her parents home for 6 days. They seemed to genu-inely enjoy having us. They took us to meet their friends one of which was a man of Christ whom I was honoured to spend time with.

Most people in Holland speak English as a second language so we were able to get around all right. We visited Amster-dam one afternoon/evening where we found some excellent warm clothes at very reasonable prices.

I bought 8 really nice shirts for ten Aust. dollars each and 6 pairs of trousers, four of which are Calvin Klein at really friendly prices. We visited some little stores where you can buy all kinds of drugs. They are on display in glass cases, marijuana is available in all sorts of forms you can have it plain or soaked in LSD or mixed with dried magic mushroom and there are other stimulants for sale that I have not heard of before.

However I have been set aside, or consecrated to the Lord and I must live for his purposes alone. I am not looking for any greater experience of life because there is no greater life than to abide in Christ.

It took only 43 minutes to fly from Amsterdam to London, and we were happily settled for a while with a family in Woking (whoa-king); they are just lovely. Simon and Thecla sat us down one night to re-emphasise that God has really blessed them and they think we were a little too polite and shy in helping ourselves to what is available and it would please them if we very much made ourselves at home.

God has in a very powerful way shown me that he is able to provide. I have done nothing more than believed and trusted in him. But I might add don’t underestimate Him, He can do all things, so don’t doubt Him. He wants you to put your trust in Him. Often it’s simply a case of, if you believe, it is done for you.