Saturday night it was also time to celebrate Deris’s birthday (who turned 30 on Sunday).

We turned up at the bachelor pad, and David quickly dominated the pool table thanks to all his practice at the Hesters’ house in Leeton.

At Deris's birthday party, January 07
From left: Danny, Pete, Matt, Joanne, David and Deris.

As the bbq hadn’t been cleaned for a while, when the fat underneath the meat caught fire, the conflagration was quite spectacular!

Flamin' good bbq!
After admiring his handiwork, Ken attempted to put out the flames with a garden hose.

Deris’s flatmate Ken hired a karoake machine for the evening, and it was fun to trawl through the lists of songs to find ones to sing along. Almost everyone had a go (except David).

Karoake, January 07
Birthday boy Deris takes the mic as Marta sings background vocals.