David had been talking to Benjy about going out on the boat, so when Kerrie offered to help out with the kids on Sunday, we had a date!

David, Kerrie, Damien, Benjy, Misty the dog, July 2008
We set up my new [$2 op-shop-find] shade shelter on the banks of the Albert River and enjoyed a late picnic lunch. You can just see the top of Calista's head on the striped towel in the left of the shelter.

Calista, 3 months old, July 2008
Calista didn't really settle well in the shade tent, but we tried, anyhow.

Benjy, Aisha, Brioni, Alex + Damien, July 2008
The kids had a grand time playing in the water and mud on the shoreline. (I'll chase up Benjy's photos to see if any are blog-worthy.)

Brioni, 22 months, + Aisha, 3yo, July 2008
When we saw this picture, both David and I said, "Ohhhh — that's why when we took off her boots, water poured out!"

On the boat, July 2008
On one ride, Benjy ended up looking after our two girls, while Kerrie had her two boys, and I drove. (Misty the dog was upset that *she* wasn't allowed on the boat too.)

Kerrie with Calista, 3 months old, July 2008
Kerrie is always happy to give Calista cuddles.