Upon personal recommendation from several different friends, I’ve started working with Aisha using the text Teach your child to read — 100 easy lessons. This is a phonics-based approach to reading and writing, and we’re taking it really slowly.

I’m excited about starting the formal lessons now that Aisha knows her letters and most sounds they make, and this book appears to be engaging enough without being dreary. Some afternoons Aisha approaches me and asks for her lesson for the day.

Lauren, Calista, 3 months old, + Aisha, 3yo, July 2008
Several days a week, Aisha is awake after her designated rest-time while Brioni is still sleeping, so I use this time for the reading lessons. I'm still working from a print-out as my book hasn't yet arrived in the mail.

At three-and-a-half, I have to remind myself that Aisha is still pretty young. I’ve noticed this especially when she doesn’t/can’t sit still properly for the duration of the lesson. She often climbs up the couch and onto the arm, jumping around a bit. Still, it’s a gentle introduction to formal bookwork.

I’m aiming to complete the 100 “easy lessons” before Aisha turns four in February 2009, but at this point, each lesson depends on whether she’s awake while Brioni is still sleeping.