Now that Calista’s ears are properly healed, I’ve been able to change her earrings into my preferred style — labrets.

Labret earrings
Labret earrings have a flat disk that sits at the back of the ear. The front ball screws onto the post, so you have to put them into the ear-holes from the back.

I’d highly recommend this style of earrings for any small children. Labrets are traditionally for face-piercing — usually below the lips, but there’s no reason why they can’t work as earrings.

If you lose one — or just the front of one labret — it’s easy to replace. Piercing studios sell individual posts and balls, so you could change the jewel colour without replacing the posts.

I’ve bought labrets at a tattoing/piercing studio in the city, though I got these online with another set as a spare. They’re not very expensive and yet so child-friendly.

Calista, 3 months old, July 2008
Modelling her new earrings (why is my spellcheck trying to tell me it should be written as "modeling"?). I tried styling Calista's hair with some conditioner — not nearly as interesting as the Einstein look!