We enjoyed the girls’ silly play tonight after dinner.

Aisha went through a bag of clothes R had sent us for the baby and found some things (read: socks) she could fit into.

Aisha, 3yo, July 2008
Captain Underpants or Super SockWoman?

We try to keep Calista up so all three girls go to bed together. It means they all wake up about the same time — between 6.30 and 7 am — very civilised!

Calista, 3 months old, + David, July 2008
Calista's hair is getting pretty wild. She's such a good baby and smiles all the time. I've forgotten what it was like before she smiled!

And I was trying to get them ready of bed in the midst of all the playing.

Lauren, Brioni, 22 months old, + Aisha, 3 years old, July 2008