We’re almost home, having spent last night in Grafton.

We left Leeton, stopping by Griffith to visit a previous friend/employer Janine McRae, before meeting up with David’s uncle Roger.

David with the Swaffields, January 07
On our last day in Leeton, we stopped by to visit Doug & Lorna Swaffield. In 1996, Lauren lived in the Swaffield's granny flat where David was already a regular visitor. We all attended the Baptist church together.

Lauren with Jeanine & Grant, January 07
We had a lovely visit with Jeanine & Grant in Griffith.

Roger and Meriem shared a meal with us in Griffith before we followed them to their property outside Naradhan, south of Lake Cargellico.

Roger Westley's property, Naradhan, NSW.
NSW's southwest was very dry but still beautiful.

Roger & Meriam Westley, January 07
Here's Roger & Meriam outside their home.

We left there on Thursday night and stopped at Tamworth for a couple hours’ sleep. My uncle Stephen let us bunk down at his house. We arrived at 4 am after taking turns at driving through the night. It took 8 hours from Naradhan to Tamworth, with only one stop at Dubbo for fuel.

Finistere, Nemingha, January 07
Stephen & Irene Byles keep three donkeys (originally from Nan, my grandmother) at their property outside Tamworth.

On Friday around lunchtime, we continued to Grafton. From Grafton, it’s only three and half hours to our house.

With Hugh Fisher, January 07
David calls Brioni 'Ladybug', which is what he's saying here. It was nice to rest at the Fishers' house in Grafton before the final stretch home to Qld.