I was very excited to be asked to help out at work. Just when I feel that my career may be over, my work requests my help! (It’s very good for my mummified ego.)

My permanent replacement is a sterling graphic designer who is much more creative than I am, and when I left on this last session of maternity leave, he rarely needs to contact me about work. However, he’s currently on holiday in Spain, so my other colleagues needed some help and called me!

I’m able to do a bit of work from home on the website, but they also asked me to come in for a couple of hours to work on a project. To sweeten the deal for me, they even arranged for a carpark so I could drive in and said it was okay to bring the girls.

I was very excited this morning, and tonight I’m still buzzing from the fun!

Brioni, 22 months, + Aïcha, 3yo, July 2008
When I was loading the car, the girls climbed in and were eager to go. David saw this Kodak moment and quickly captured it (you can see his reflection in the girls' sunnies).

Aïcha, 3yo, + Brioni, 22 months, July 2008
While I was working, the girls played under the desks with some toys I had brought along. They were *so good*.

Calista, 3 months old, July 2008
Calista lay on her rug under another desk. She cried just a little bit, but slept most of the time.

Brioni, 22 months, July 2008
The girls thought my electronic passkey with its retracting cord was the most fun.

Aïcha, 3yo, July 2008
They also set up a game whereby they would run down the corridors. Whenever someone came towards them, they would run away from the "monster". It was pretty loud, but they were nice noises.

David + Benjy, July 2008
When we got back home, David and Benjy had almost completed the first coat of cement render on the outside of our ugly brick.