Today is Day Five without a car, and I’m feeling antsy. We had to leave the car at a repair place for very minor damage. (Our car was hardly scratched, but we had to go through our insurers because we didn’t want to pay the other party’s bill.)

My hair has also started falling out in handfuls (it’s a natural, post-baby hair-loss), so I’ve been feeling a bit down (David would even say “spikey”).

We laugh when we think about how we’re planning to live on a property where it’s likely I’ll only get into town once a week. I better get used to a more sedentary lifestyle!

So this morning I decided to at least get the girls active and happy. Look at us, it’s not even 8 o’clock yet, and we’re already into the craft.

Brioni, 22 months, Aïcha, 3yo, June 2008
Forget the paper — paint the table! It didn't take long for the brush-painting to metamorphose into finger-painting.

I expect I’ll be pulling out all the tricks Manou has taught me to keep the girls occupied and amused while we stay at home for the next couple of days!