Be the change you wish to see in your children.

My name is Lauren.

I am a single mama travelling Australia with my four daughters. This is a record of snippets of our days. Extrapolate at your own risk!

Lauren Bissett Fisher, Delaney, Brioni, Calista, and Aisha, a family portrait, August 2014
Here we are with our little housebus and pop-up tent. This is our home — wherever we're parked!

I was born in Australia, so I’m Australian. But my own free-ranging childhood was in French-speaking West Africa where I also attended American boarding schools. This makes me a third-culture-kid (TCK) with a global world-view (and an Aussie with a remnant American accent).

I used to be a conservative, evangelical Christian, then I sought freedom from many institutions — including religious ones and transitioned through unchurching. Now I do not consider myself a Christian, for I find God in many places. I still use Jesus as my example and the Bible is my mother-tongue scripture.

I am passionate about living in the moment, embracing life as it is, finding beauty in the ordinary and creating wonderful adventures for our family. We are radical unschoolers, non-violent communicators and free-range thinkers.

In June 2012, David — my then-partner of 16 years and father to my girls — was arrested for causing the death our beloved baby boy. So in recent years I’ve been learning how to parent alone, how to carve my own way in the world and how to persist in showing love to everyone around me.

I write to provide a record for our children and so family and friends can keep track of our lives. That is all. I do not seek to monetise this blog, and you won’t find any ads. Any product reviews are from my heart, simply for the benefit of family and friends.

“They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for gold; and I deem them mad because they think my days have a price.” ? Kahlil Gibran

I have been writing almost daily for many years now. Although I have experienced extraordinary circumstances, I will not stop writing. It is my therapy and my explanation of life. Perhaps one day — through my writings — our children will understand their upbringing and the circumstances that are fashioning them into strong, spiritual beings.

This blog features the gamut of my perspectives. Old opinions are laughable and even offensive. Newer ones may be just as offensive to the conservative mind, but I’m serious nonetheless.

This blog usually showcases the sparkles of our lives — our adventures in travel, learning, friendships and radical living. We have been mostly nomadic since August 2010, with travels in both Australia, New Zealand and now Europe.

We are honoured to hear from those who choose to share their lives with us. Thank you for your comments, they permit us to know you and love you too.