Aïcha June was born on Monday (7th) morning, and we came home the same day.

The labour was very painful and quite messy and it will take me a while to recover, but I’m glad to be home where I can hobble around quietly.

Aïcha is sleeping and feeding well and there seem to be no complications.

David is still finishing up renovating our bedroom. He installed an air-con, so when I do get to move back in, it will be very comfortable!

Lauren + Aïcha, 7 February 2005
Feeding Aisha while still in hospital on the day she was born. You can see the Jewish-skullcap-bruise left by the ventouse (suction vac) used to pull her out. We left later that afternoon and went home, stopping first at the Croakers' to show her off.

David + Aïcha, 7 February 2005
After the birth, the midwives encouraged us both to have some skin-time with the baby.