Aïcha, 6 weeks old, March 2005
Yaay — a smile for the camera!

Well, things have definitely calmed down now, six weeks after Aïcha’s arrival.

Aïcha is a placid little baby, very well behaved and responding well to the routine we’ve established her in. She has been sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks now, which is wonderful for me. Aïcha has also begun smiling recently, though it’s hard to earn a smile. She does like to flirt with an African carving of a man’s head on the wall while lying on our bed.

I have been trying to get out of the house each day while balancing feeding and looking after Aïcha with helping David in his business and keeping house. It’s quite a juggle! I have been missing my friends at work a lot, and so have been feeling quite lonely. It’s such an adjustment to go from a stimulating work environment to a completely different set of demands based around only two people.

At the same time, David has been adjusting to being back in Australia and getting back to work after four months of holiday.