Today we were outside most of the day, clearing a spot in the trees for the shed.

Our backyard, July 2005
David was using the chainsaw to cut the trees into smaller pieces. We will store the logs to dry out and eventually burn in our fireplace in winter. We burned the smaller branches and leaves on a big bonfire.

Aisha, 5 months old, + Lauren, July 2005
I brought Aisha outside to watch the action.

David, July 2005
Here's my man, taking a break from his hard work.

Aisha, 5 months old, July 2005
Aisha loves being outside and is content to sit on the ground and play in the bark. Misty usually lies down next to her. I used to think it was because she was "guarding" the baby, but it's probably because she's quickly learned she gets at least SOME attention if she's near the main focus of my attention.

Aisha, 5 months old, July 2005
Misty has already learned to put up with a lot of abuse, as Aisha tugs on her hair and almost pokes her eye out.