When we invited Julie into our home (see Matthew 25 in action), David and I talked frankly about the possible cost of bringing a stranger into our home. We talked about which valuables could be stolen and how we would feel if our hospitality was abused.

However, early this morning I discovered what the cost (so far) was. And I feel gutted and sick.

However, now that some hours have passed, I’m feeling a bit better about it and can rationalise my loss.

Those of you who aren’t gardeners probably won’t understand the big deal.

Julie and her friend Marie decided to weed our garden on Sunday while we were out.

This morning I discovered a four-metre-long row of erigeron completely gone. I had planted these flowering plants almost two years ago and had carefully established it in a terrible section of the garden with really poor soil. It was finally taking off on rainwater alone. But now it’s gone, along with my chives, coriander, pumpkin, eggplant, and some other plants. Julie and Marie were quite thorough with their weeding.

The cost to me was over a year and a half of gardening, plus the dreams that accompanied my work, plus the setback of trying to re-establish plants in difficult soil.

I’m still sad but am no longer sobbing.