Lauren & B soon after Brioni's birth, 25 August 2006
Soon after Brioni's arrival in August 2006. I enjoyed an easy labour and felt really good after giving birth.

About 20 minutes after I gave birth and just after this photo was taken (I was still in the delivery suite), my two brothers-in-law arrived, one with his wife & the other with a bottle of champagne and some Chinese takeaway food. The midwife was really surprised when David let them into the delivery suite, and I was not impressed.

I was lying naked on the gory delivery bed, holding the baby naked on my chest, catheter in, with only a sheet to cover me.

They waltzed in and proceeded to open the champagne and pass it around with the food, even eating and drinking in front of me. I couldn’t even get one hand out from under the sheet to hold a glass, much less two hands to hold some food and a fork. They kept coming up to lift up the sheet and look at the baby (talk about invading personal space). I was using my one free hand to clutch the sheet to me as best as I could.

I was shooting dagger-eyes at David who started wolfing down the food & champagne. It took them almost an hour to get my unsubtle hints and leave.

Aisha, 18 months, Lauren + Brioni, 1 day old, 27 August 2006
Aisha was 18 months old when Brioni was born. Here we are at hospital the day after Brioni's birth.