You know the dilemma — how can you display little Picasso’s artwork without turning your house into a kindergarten?

My kids aren’t yet at the “isn’t that cute picture of Daddy with two heads?”-stage, but as soon as the artwork becomes more interesting, I’ve got my ideas ready to go.

Display artwork in a clear cookbook holder
Clear perspex document holders are often available in kitchenware shops (for displaying and protecting cookbooks). Slip your child's most recent drawing into the front of the holder so it's on display, while storing previous artworks behind it. The cookbook-holder keeps the paper flat and protected. When you have too many stored in there, it's time to pull them all out, sort through them, and save the best.

And so you’ve sorted through the artwork and chosen the best… what now? Do you clog up some drawer somewhere and hope that the value of the artwork will appreciate over time?

No, you scan each masterpiece and then THROW IT AWAY. When you have enough outstanding pieces, you can combine all the scans into one big poster like this:

Jan Eleni collage

Of course, you could always pay someone else $1200 and upwards to do it for you… but WHY?