We’ve had some good times lately with a mirror family. The Thorpes have two boys almost exactly the two ages of our two girls. (Oops, we do have another, don’t we?!)

When Kerrie came over with Alex and Damien, we spent the morning collecting pine cones, stomping in puddles, eating popcorn and playing, playing, playing!

Kerrie spent a number of years as a nanny in the U.S., so we share a nostalgia for certain American foods and chat about the differences we’ve noticed between American and Australian cultures.

Brioni, 22 months, Aisha, 3yo, Damien, 19 months, + Alex, 3yo
Aisha and Brioni parked the boys in front of the mirror and got out their hairdressing equipment. It was fun to see their imaginative interaction this morning. (Notice how Aisha is using a corn-fork as a hairdressing tool.)

Brioni, 22 months, Aïcha, 3yo, Damien, 19 months, + Alex, 3yo
While Alex was happy to sit still, Brioni had a bit of trouble convincing her client that she was his best option. In the end, she resorted to brute force to make Damien stay put.