I love to hear the girls playing together. They were cackling together in the blue room, so I snuck in with the camera to see what they were playing.

Today’s hilarious game was “doctor”. The girls would each take turns using all the medical instruments to check the other.

Aisha, 3yo + Brioni, 21 months, May 2008
"Boom, boom, boom," says Brioni as she listens for the heartbeat (on Aisha's hand).

I have recently met women who have had their first two children as close as 11.5 months apart, so I no longer think 18 or 19 months is a close gap.

I also want to note that at 21 months, Brioni is using pronouns better than Aïcha. She has skipped the self-nomination stage and moved directly into correctly calling herself “I” and “me”.