Some of you may know that I’ve started collecting Playmobil toys for our girls. These are little “klicky” toys that have basic movement and allow for a wide scope of creative play. Playmobil has been around since 1974, and they have a good reputation for durability and providing consistent entertainment to children of all ages.

Even at their young ages, the girls are playing with the toys daily. After naming toys for each of our family members plus Manou, they usually set up basic family scenes with everyone asleep or so-and-so cuddling. I expect that the play will become more complex as they get older.

Playmobil offers a fantastic variety of people and accessories, but enterprising fans have taken modification — “Playmod” — to an extreme level. Look at how Little Jo created the characters from the Wizard of Oz! Amazing stuff.

Anyhow, today I tried my first basic modification.

David and I have each given a demonstration of skipping rope, and Aïcha sometimes like to wave a cord around and tell me she’s jumping rope. So I created a little skipping rope for one of her children figures.

Playmobil boy with skipping rope
Here's a boy in the middle of a jump.

Homemade Playmobil accessory: skipping rope
I cut a toothpick for the handles and wrapped twist-tie around the handles, super-gluing it for extra strength.