Monogrammed cutlery, May 2008

This morning we received an unexpected parcel from David’s cousins, aunt, uncle & grandmother. This is the best thing I have received all year!

I know I am very difficult to buy for. From my matching obsessions to my peculiar sense of style, my likes are eclectic and very particular. Even those very close to me have a hard time finding things that I love. I guess David’s Aunt Bronwyn must share my taste because she chose something so spot-on.

She sent us three matching children’s quality cutlery sets, a very useful gift (always a plus). They aren’t cutesy or kitsch (or even worse — merchandised), and Bronwyn even went to the trouble to get each set monogrammed with the girls’ initials. Wow. I am so stoked! I ran down to the shed to show David right away.

I’ve put Calista’s set away, but the girls will start using their new cutlery right away. This means I can put away the un-matching baby cutlery that I bought in secondhand shops. I know that with each meal, and as I wash each piece up, I will enjoy the style and uniformity of the cutlery. (Feel free to diagnose my condition and call me names.)

Upon reflection, this is probably the best baby present I have received — ever! The gift voucher for housecleaning rates a close second, but it didn’t last very long.

Thank you, Collingridges!