Playing with chalk covers about all the criteria for a toddler, a pre-schooler and mum’s easy and fun activity!

Aïcha, 3yo + Brioni, 20 months, May 2008
I love bringing out the warm hats in this cooler weather!

First, it happens outside, which is just what you need in the late afternoon.

Also, children are very forgiving of any mum’s artistic skills (or lack thereof). So you can be as crazy with your drawings as you like. I chose to draw outlines of our family. This gives the girls an opportunity to draw hair, and we label each family member with an identifying letter.

Brioni likes to carry things around, so she collected the chalk into a little bucket and doled out pieces accordingly.

When the girls appeared to be bored with drawing, I brought out some paint brushes and a little tub of water so they could erase their drawings. This doubles the fun and the length of the activity.

Best of all, there’s nothing to clean up! If any chalk is left on the concrete, the rain washes it away.