I called up my wonderful sister Renée to get some ideas for an activity that I could take to playgroup. She suggested cold spaghetti.

Once you’ve made the spaghetti, the kids can play freely with it, and the older ones can arrange it as hair around a face before drying the portrait in the sun.

Making red spaghetti
Add food colouring to the water while the pasta is cooking.

Put the spaghetti in the fridge to cool it down and keep it moist until you want to use it.

Brioni, 20 months, + Aïcha, 3yo, April 2008
Fun to play with and safe to eat!

Spaghetti hair on a face
The finished product.

And I know Mum will be so proud of my latest addition to the backyard!

Brioni, 20 months, + Aïcha, 3yo, April 2008
I set up some boards as balancing beams in our backyard.