As I’m currently using a small digital camera instead of our whiz-band SLR one (which has gone to NZ with David), I decided to let Aïcha take some photos. I’m not sure that she really got the hang of it, as she tended to hold her finger down on the trigger button for a long time. But she had a lot of fun, and some of them are quite interesting.

Mind you, after I gave her the camera, I started daydreaming about Aïcha taking after her Uncle James and being interviewed as a successful photographer: “Yes, I started taking pictures at the age of three when my mum let me play with a camera.”

We were outside after rest-time while I did some digging. Here’s this afternoon from a three-year-old’s perspective.

Calista, 1 month old, April 2008
Calista was outside with us, well-wrapped in a blanket and enjoying the mesmerising movement of the trees. (Don't you love the toes peeking in bottom of the shot?!)

Oli the cat, April 2008

Brioni, 20 months, April 2008

Brioni, 20 months, April 2008
Brioni again

Lauren, April 2008
Lauren again. There were many other shots of my legs and torso that I generously spared you.

Calista, 1 month old, + Brioni, 20 months old, April 2008
Calista and Brioni, with Brioni's current collection of dolls.