Seeking to keep the girls busy with another planned activity, I decided to offer painting (but outside). I invited a friend with two boys over to join us, doubling the fun. K brought her mother-in-law, and with four children under four, another set of eyes/hands was really helpful.

We sat the kids outside for painting with brushes and sponges, which was a really wise move, given the amount of paint that ended up on hands and the furniture!

D, Aïcha, 3yo, + Brioni, 19 months, April 2008
As well as painting pieces of paper, the kids tried painting pine cones and leaves.

Aisha, 3yo, April 2008
Aisha's favourite colour remains green, and it was the only one she was interested in using.

Brioni, 19 months old, April 2008
Brioni enjoyed the hands-on activity and sat painting by herself after the other kids had moved away to play on the swings or talk to the chooks.