I’m housebound all this week as David needs the car for work. School holidays mean our usual activities (swimming & playgroup) are cancelled too, and the girls have started becoming bored with all the free play. It’s been raining, too, which cancels the usual outside play options.

So I pulled out the cereal box and a couple of shoe laces and reintroduced threading to the girls.

Brioni, 19 months old + Aisha, 3yo, April 2008
Aisha was keen on threading the Cheerios. Brioni started out well, and then started taking handfuls in order to horde a pile for eating.

Aïcha, 3yo, April 2008
Sampling the Cheerios.

Brioni, 19 months old, April 2008
Brioni looks to Aisha to discover what she should be doing.

Aïcha, 3yo, April 2008
A beautiful necklace!