Callista's feet, five days old, April 2008

Third time around, I am determined to properly enjoy the newborn stage:

  • The milk blister on Calista’s lips is puffy and perfectly outlined by her pouting lips.
  • I love the way she falls asleep drunk. She is so completely relaxed, nothing I do disturbs her rest.
  • Feeding Calista gives me a special quiet time-out several times in the middle of a busy day. I often can read or at least sit uninterrupted (until others wander into the nursery looking for me).
  • When she stretches, she raises her arms up in a slight curl around her head and arches her back.
  • She contorts her face in a series of random expressions, worrying her forehead and pursing her lips.
  • Her fingernails are so perfect, and yet as tiny as a grain of rice.
  • Calista is still so curled up, as if she’s a bud that has yet to reach out and straighten for the sun.
  • She sleeps on my chest as the older girls race around us, shouting and carrying on. She is as comfortable outside the womb as she was inside it.
  • Calista is my first baby with hair, and I fluff up the soft down during every feed.
  • It only takes one wipe to clean her small bottom. And we’re not dealing with toxic waste yet!

I may add to this post in the coming days as I seek to cherish my special times with Calista.