Today I spent all morning in the garden with the girls playing close by. Even Calista was outside on a rug for a while.

The first vegie garden bay has been part of the chook run for two months now, and so the chooks have scratched it over nicely, fertilising it as they grazed. I moved the gate off the front of the bay to the back and dug over the soil again. It’s dark and rich and should be perfect for a vegetable garden.

I have chosen and planted some vegies that we normally eat: zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, spinach, chinese vegetables, eggplant and capsicum. My goal is to grow and eat vegetables from our garden for at least nine months of the year. (I thought I would give myself the hot summer months off — especially if we have watering restrictions!)

Chook run/vegie patch area of our garden
The first vegie garden bay is on the far left. I've moved the gate on the second bay forward so the chooks can start foraging in the new grass.

Vegie garden, April 2008
Here's the start of my vegie garden.

All my hard work this morning was rewarded with some gentle rain this afternoon. Thank you, God!