Calista, 1 week old, April 2008
Tummy time.

The girls are just starting to become interested in dressing up.

Brioni, 19 months old, April 2008
Goggles are a favourite dress-up item in our house. Aisha has a "real" set that she uses in her swimming lessons, but we have several more pairs that I found in second-hand shops and are worn by both girls and their baby-dolls.

And of course, their favourite toys are still dolls. (I hear Aïcha disciplining her doll frequently — I listen intently to hear what I sound like to her. It’s quite disconcerting!)

Aisha, 3yo + Calista, 1 week, April 2008
Aisha is really interested in mothering Cali, to the point that she sometimes doesn't leave her alone.