Calista, Aïcha, Brioni, March 2008
Forget about sitting next to Mum! The coveted spot is next to Calista!

Aïcha has reacted so warmly to Calista’s arrival. She loves to see her in the morning and wants to be near her whenever she’s accessible.

Brioni usually copies whatever Aïcha is saying, even though she doesn’t understand it. Aïcha was announcing, “I’m in the middle!” when having a morning snack while sitting between Calista and Brioni, and Brioni parroted “I’m in the middle!” soon after. (This cute conversation then degenerated into an argument — “I’m in the middle”, “No, I’m in the middle”…)

Brioni, Aïcha and Calista, March 2008
Four days old, Calista still only has a couple moments in the day when she remains awake.