This weekend we visited some friends up at the Sunshine Coast, about an hour and a half north from where we live. We took the boat up and the weather on both Friday and Saturday was glorious for being out on the river system.

Boating at the Sunshine Coast, March 2008
It's probably been close to two years since we've taken our boat on the water, so it was very exciting to go out again.

Aïcha, 3yo, March 2008
When I asked Aïcha why she was eating the sand, she replied, "I'm hungry!" I wonder if she liked the salty flavour... she didn't mind the grit in her mouth. (Bleeeeh!)

Aïcha, 3yo, March 2008
Aïcha wasn't very keen on boating, but she did enjoy playing in the sand at the water's edge. (Notice how the top of the spade has been licked clean!)

Boating at the Sunshine Coast, March 2008
Nigel had a good ski on the boogie board.

David + Brioni, 18 months old, March 2008
Brioni, adventurous as always, was positively scary to supervise while she was in the water. She loved to frolic and would eagerly follow the bigger kids out into the depths.

Lauren, Aïcha, 3yo, + Brioni, 18 months, March 2008
I was shocked to see myself in Melinda's photos! I look really pregnant! Wow, what a basketball for a tummy. (Somehow I forget that I'm really this big.)

Boating at the Sunshine Coast, March 2008
David got a visit (and a caution) from the patrol boat for skiing someone (Nigel) without the proper life jacket. We had left our ski-vest at home by accident.

Lauren + Brioni, 18 months old, March 2008
Watching the action on the river.